Kit’s Coty House – a set on Flickr

At some point about 5,000 years ago, a person or persons died. Their friends and relations saw fit to bury them in a long barrow, on the south side of the North Downs overlooking the Medway Valley in Kent.

Over the centuries the earth mound eroded away, although apparently the remains of the mound were still visible in the middle of the 20th century, leaving three standing stones with a cap stone. Known as Kit’s Coty House, the remaining stones stand isolated, near a field edge and the North Downs Way footpath.

I’ve lived in the area for nearly a quarter of a century. I have known of Kit’s Coty House, and the nearby Countless Stones, all that time but never before managed to visit. The monument, one of the first Ancient Scheduled Monuments in the country, is some way off the beaten track, with no easy parking, so despite it only being a couple of miles from home, it’s a proper expedition in order to find it. Well worth the effort, though.