L’Atomo lives!

Well, nearly.


We had a man out to rummage under the bonnet today. He seems to think the breakdown isn’t terminal. This is encouraging.

I don’t plan on having the car repaired, though. I have actually posted it as “for sale” on a fan club site. If that doesn’t attract anyone, then I guess one of those online sales sites will see it go. I’d hate to see him scrapped, but if no-one wants to take him on that’s what will happen, I guess.

Meanwhile, l’Atomo’s replacement arrived today.


Shiny black. I think I need to start a competition to find a name for it.

4 thoughts on “L’Atomo lives!

  1. There’s a nice list of names for the Prince of Wales class. Best Beloved was taken by Andromeda, but I think that’s a little pretentious!

  2. Shiny Black?

    Got to be a name with a Nor’Western influence, Lady of the Lake seems a reasonable starting point…. no, too long. Maybe you need to look at one of Talbot’s books.

  3. Colour and shape had me thinking more along the lines of Mariah, as in “Black Mariah”. Perhaps Henry the Hearse might be apt! Best Beloved wanted to name it after our black cat, Sophie. I think it’ll take a while, and a few journeys, before we get to know the new car’s personality.

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