March Dawn – a set on Flickr

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I got up early this morning to go out to Hoo St Werburgh again, this time with a friend keen to try out his new camera.

I made the conscious decision to shoot black and white. The hazy early morning landscape sort of lent itself to mono today, with very little colour visible even when the sun had risen quite high.

I am quite pleased with the results. Strange as it may sound, I think I am maturing as a landscape photographer. I feel able to pick my subjects, and capture them, without trying too hard. Most of the images I took today are acceptable, but I am getting much better at editing down to the very best, which is why those uploaded represent about ten per cent of the total frames I took.

2 thoughts on “March Dawn – a set on Flickr

  1. *blush*Aww, thank you. I decided on shooting mono a couple of days before the trip. Shooting in RAW means I can recover colour if I want to, so there’s no loss to my mind. As you say, B&W seemed to suit the environment on the day.

  2. Heather this set is gorgeous! Well done. I feel you’ve captured a wonderful mood here and the black and white suits it admirably.

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