Medway Marinas

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Medway Marinas, a set on Flickr.

I’ve been visiting Hoo’s riverside wall area for a few years now, but I’ve never ventured along the footpath that passes through the boat yards and marina. I had the chance to actually visit what’s now called “Port Werburgh”, and Whitton Marine’s yard, with a photographic chum yesterday.

I only took my compact digital, because I wasn’t really expecting anything fantastic. With hindsight I should have taken the SLR, but I think the little camera proved itself quite adequate.

2 thoughts on “Medway Marinas

  1. It wasn’t the G9, though I’m sure that would have done as well. I’ve acquired an S100 – mainly for its HD video capabilities – and I thought I’d give it a run to see what it could do. It’s earned its place as my standard carry-about camera.

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