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There are times when being self-employed is a curse. Yes, there is all that “being your own boss” malarkey, and my hours are set to suit me. The thing is, motivation is hard work: sometimes you need someone else to drive you.

As I type I have two shelves full of commissioned models to build, and the workbench is home to three partially-built models. I currently have enough work to keep me going well into next year. By most measures I seem to be pretty successful and have plenty of work to be doing.

So why can’t I get on with it? There’s the million dollar question.

It is true that some builds do hit snags, and have to be sidelined for a spell. Usually I will pick up another model and let the snags resolve themselves in their own good time. There are times when real life has to be dealt with, such as medical appointments or car servicing.

There are also times when the mood just isn’t right. You may scoff, but building models isn’t simply about following instructions, wielding tools and miniature engineering. There is also art involved, and when the Modelling Muse bimbles off somewhere more interesting I can be left with no choice but to seek other things to do.

Last week was supposed to be busy; I had loads of workbench stuff to get on with, at any rate. On Monday I had an appointment around midday, so the morning and afternoon were sufficiently disrupted as to stop meaningful work. Tuesday, I was struck by some sort of malaise which left me moping around the house trying not to be annoyed at everyone and everything. Experience tells me best not to tackle anything involving sharp tools in that kind of mood. Wednesday saw our weekly shop a day earlier than normal—a knocked-on disruption from a short break a month ago. Best Beloved also decided he wanted some new electronic toy (a printer), and that ended up with me sorting out a rat’s nest of cables and installing software across our various computers for the rest of the day. Thursday appeared to have trickled away with nothing constructive being achieved. Friday vanished into a miasma of nothing much.

I suppose I could blame the season and the weather. It is November, after all, and looking from my window into the near-darkness more rain has set in, with its close colleague wind not far behind. It’s a singularly depressing time of the year, despite the glorious leaf colours on a bright and sunny day. It’s all too short, though, and already the talk is of Christmas.

Ah, Christmas. Here it comes again. It is true what they say. The years fly by faster as you get older. And on that happy note, I think it’s time for me to do some other displacement activity to avoid actually working.

4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. To try and stop me getting bogged down I tend to have at least three builds on the boil. If I get stuck on one, I pick up one of the others. Last week, though, was just crazy. I couldn’t settle to anything, so I didn’t make any progress – unless you count research and admin.

  2. Christmas?! Bah! Humbug!

    I know what you mean about the computer stuff. Although I have been a Mac user for more years than I care to recall, there are still times when I get intensely frustrated that something stupidly silly won’t work as I expect. To think of the days I used to spend getting stuff to work when I needed to be actually working instead. Most of the kit these days does “just work”, so I ought to be grateful.

  3. Yep, understood, why not get out with the camera and get your creative juices going.
    Me, I have also had a grotty week, no work but loads of disinformation about the computer. Er indroors and myself have had enough of the silly things. Being me I want to do the non-conformist approach and not except what is in front of me.
    Well, we now have a new router and an airport express which by the way does not work as confirmed by Apple support and a 4 tb hard drive which is only good to prop the door open.
    The good news is that I am learning fast and not getting much sleep. We are all getting older,
    that’s a fact of life but I wish things weren’t so complicated. With Apple throwing dumb information into the mix I am not having an easy life.
    Hey ho, soon be the weekend BUT I should not be wishing my life away.
    Happy Christmas, Mike

  4. I know just what you mean Heather. I’ve got several kits on the go but always find a reason at the moment to do something else! I know I’ll enjoy it once I get started and I keep saying to myself that this is the day – but!!!!!

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