Nearly there


I was hoping to have all the transfers finished—there should be the legend “GREAT WESTERN” in big bold letters across the side of the engine—and everything varnished today.

As ever, something cropped up. In this case, it was the transfers I had acquired, which turned out to be too small. Meanwhile, a set of etched plates arrived, so 7752 finally has the builder’s plates on the leading splashers, and it seemed too good an opportunity to waste.

So, here she is, posed with the Highly Trained British Penny for scale. While I wait for various bits and pieces I need to complete the build and let me get on with a bit of subtle weathering, other builds will take their places on the workbench.

1 thought on “Nearly there

  1. Lot of work but you are getting there, shame about the transfers. Great result.. .

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