One photo a day for a year

A number of my photographically-minded friends have been undertaking a 365 project during 2011. I thought it might be fun to relink to their Flickr photostreams as they approach the end of their projects.

Gavin Lewis has managed to pull some amazing images out every day.

Wai-Lun Tsang has also pulled off some startling images from the most mundane of objects.

And, not forgetting Mark Casey, who decided to kick his project off at the beginning of March. The upshot of this decision, what with 2012 being a leap year, means he has to find a 366th image to complete his set. Trust Mark to be different!

Undertaking a 365 project is no easy task. You might think it’s easy to snap an image every day for a year. The three mentioned above will attest to the difficulty of the challenge, I am sure, and I well remember some dark moments when they all felt they were going to fail to complete. I hope, as they enter their final few days (or months, in one case!), they can look back on the experience and feel they did a good job after all. 

Now, I have asked myself the question many times this past couple of years. Do I have the discipline and imagination to pull off a 365? I am not sure, which is probably why I haven’t embarked on one before. Having said that, I have been toying with an idea of a themed 366 (a leap year, remember) for 2012. It’ll be probably the most dull and uninteresting set of images, too. If I make the decision to start it, you’ll be first to know.



5 thoughts on “One photo a day for a year

  1. Bill, I was only talking to Mark – mentioned in the post here – earlier. I said I had been considering doing a 366, but it really needed to have a theme. I have a theme in mind. It is something I do every day, at around the same time, and would probably end up being interminably dull! There’s my challenge: can I make a dull subject interesting every day for a year.Well, I have a few days to think about it. I think it’s a fair bet I will take on the challenge!

  2. I will if you will Heather!!! I did one in 2010 and had a great time with it. So the challenge is on!

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