Penny by Snaptophobic
Penny, a photo by Snaptophobic on Flickr.

You might recall a couple of posts about Penny-puss over the past year or so. It was about a year ago that she was rushed into the vet surgery for some TLC.

We thought that was it, but she battled back. She lost her sight, had to cope with a boring diet of grilled chicken, but she managed very well.

Sadly, this past few weeks, she took a turn for the worse. A visit to the vet confirmed our fears it was old age, and bits of Penny’s insides were beginning to give up. It was decided to monitor things, and just manage her decline as best we could.

Today, sadly, Penny was obviously not well. She didn’t wake for breakfast, only emerging at lunchtime. She was struggling to walk, and had to sit down frequently as her back legs weren’t behaving themselves. We had a think, gave her a big cuddle, and called the vet. We sort of knew what the outcome would be.

This evening, at around 7pm, Penny was put to sleep. We were with her at the end, and she went quietly, without fuss. There’s a big Penny-shaped hole in our lives now, though I’m sure Sophie-puss will make it her business to fill it.

We think Penny was well into her teens. She was a rescue cat, and the rescue centre assumed she was probably between 10 and 12 years old. She lived with us for nearly eight years, so in cat terms, she was really quite old. We feel blessed to have made her last years as happy as we could.

6 thoughts on “Penny

  1. Thanks Mike. I keep looking round to see where she is so I don’t trip over her. She’s still there, curled up in her favourite places, and I think Sophie-puss has finally noticed something’s different. We try to remember the good times. I think the vet has been impressed with the way we’ve handled Penny’s illness for the past year or so. It’s sad when a pet dies, but then we really didn’t think she’d see last Christmas.

  2. You can be sure of it. When she could see, she loved playing games with those toy mice.

  3. So sorry to hear this, our thoughts are with you. We know what it is like to lose a pet,. keep you pecker up and I will call you next week.

  4. Hugs to you Heather 🙁
    God bless Penny, I’m sure she’s chasing mice around up there! x

  5. Thanks, Gav. It’s going to be odd not finding her waiting for breakfast tomorrow. Still, we’ve got Sophie to keep our laps warm while watching the telly. Penny had a good life with us, and she’ll definitely be missed.

  6. We’ve already spoken about this today, so you know my thoughts on the subject. It’s never easy to lose a pet, but at least she had a loving home and lived to a good age. Sorry for your loss, Hev.

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