Some days…


Best Beloved and I went out to a local transport rally on Saturday. The sun was out, it was a glorious early September day. I had high hopes of some good photography.

Sadly, the cars were lined up on display with the sun directly behind them. There wasn’t a lot I could do, so I defaulted to my usual “make pictures from details”. Even that was difficult under the circumstances.

The photo here, of a 1967 Ford Corsair 1500GT convertible, shows the problem. I was photographing straight into the sun. Even a circular polarising filter did nothing to help, so I guess the fact I managed to get any usable image at all speaks volumes about modern camera technology!


A 1939 Standard Flying 9, in pretty much unrestored condition, but still much cherished. Again, the sun directly ahead of me. 

Perhaps, if we visit the show next year, and the weather is similar, we might visit earlier in the day. With the cars packed quite closely together, though, I expect shadows in all the wrong places. I think I’ll hope for a bright but overcast day!