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Time flies

Is it really a month since my last post? That’s what happens, I suppose, when you get busy.

By busy, I mean I have work stacking up. Client commissions enough to see me through this year and well into the first quarter of 2016. That kind of busy. I really don’t know how I will do it, but do it I must.

Latest over the bench has been a quick build, relatively speaking, of a 7mm scale BR Mk1 four-wheeled CCT. These vehicles were used for the conveyance of cars, parcels, you name it. Anything that needed to be carried at express speeds. The model depicts a typical CCT in the 1970s—though you will note no lettering or weathering: the client will complete the build, so it’s been finished ex-works.

JLTRT BR Mk1 CCT (1 of 2) JLTRT BR Mk1 CCT (2 of 2)


It was an interesting build, being relatively simple. With help from friends, I worked out what the brake rigging was supposed to look like, and sourced custom laser-cut glazing to improve the appearance. I think it turned out well.

Meanwhile, the Austerity 2-8-0 build is ongoing, and I am also doing an “out of the box” build of a loco kit to help with reworking the instructions. Of course, I haven’t mentioned the increasing pile of kits that are clamouring for my attention. I’d best be off and stop wasting my time on the internet!