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Moving pictures!

I’ve been keen to try out the HD video features of my EOS 7D on a model railway for a while. Yesterday I had the opportunity on a visit to the S7 South East England Area Group’s new venue. For the first time outside an exhibition, the group is able to erect their massive layout Croscombe, and while it is far from complete it makes an impressive sight.

This video was mainly a way to prove to myself the camera can actually do what I want it to do. I think it managed quite well. With some more thought and a better plan, the next session might well produce a better film!

Grain | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


I’ve been keeping a local crop field under watch. I want to capture the various stages of growth over the summer. I got the early growth a while ago, and today I checked out where the field had got to. I scoped the site out before midday, but the sun was really in the wrong place. I planned for the return visit this evening.

I don’t know anything about growing wheat, so I’m guessing when I say this field is probably a few weeks from harvest. I set up with the tripod low, and played about with the shallow focus. I learned that I should really wear socks and proper footwear, because something took offence and had a nibble of my heel!

It was worth it, though. I shall try and get back in a week or so.

Tilt-shift reprise

You may recall I posted about the tilt-shift fad sweeping the online photographic world. This is where a photograph (and increasingly video—no, really) of a real place is manipulated to make it look like a photo of a miniature.

Well, I’ve been fiddling about in Photoshop:

These images were taken last summer, with this experiment in mind, at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road, Bucks. There’s a distinct knack to getting the blurred areas looking right, and rather too much time spent with layer masks and soft-edged brushes. Working out the detailed areas where the depth of field ought to be sharpest is fun, too.

Will I do it again? Not really. It was fun to try, and the effect can be stunning when done properly, but it’s not something I feel will enhance my work. I’m definitely not about to rush out and buy a proper TS lens, either!