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Almost back to normal


A short time ago I blogged about my back and neck problems. I didn’t mention that along with the skeletal and muscular woes I was also diagnosed with early onset osteoporosis a few years ago.

It was the osteopath that suggested I get a bone density scan organised, just to check that things were okay before they began any serious cracking of joints and stuff. That was about five years ago, and I was diagnosed as losing bone density pretty quickly. I was put under a specialist, and prescribed treatment of plenty of calcium in my diet (I like milk, so that’s good) and drugs. I have a scan done once a year, and I meet with the specialist shortly after.

This year, the scan showed definite signs of improvement over the previous year. Today, I met with the specialist, and he pronounced himself very pleased with the results. It seems my spine is now pretty much normal again, and the hips, while not fully back to normal are definitely on the up.

So, it’s all good news. I’m to stay on the drugs for a few more years, try to exercise more, lose a bit of weight (like I haven’t been trying), and things should be good.

It definitely makes me feel happier. For a period in the early days, I felt quite fragile, and took extra care to avoid trips and so on. Earlier this year, I did manage to take quite a tumble and severely sprained my wrist, but nothing actually broke. I’ll still be careful when I’m out and about, as is only sensible. 

Of course, life could always be better. Then again, I don’t actually want for much. Health and happiness have a lot going for them, I’d say.