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I hate being ill


I do so hate being ill.

As a general rule, I’m usually in rude health for most of the time. Sadly, I managed to collect a particularly insidious little cold virus over the weekend. It has contrived to give me a tickly throat, then sniffles, then sneezes, and now insists on producing copious amounts of mucus.

I wouldn’t mind, but the currently affected nostril—it’s never both together, have you ever noticed?—has been contrived to be impossible to clear by blowing, and lets me know it needs more of my precious time by gently letting snot drip down my upper lip.


This time last year, the world threw a particular doozy at me. Aside from the usual symptoms, including two days in actual bed with a fever, that particular little bug made me deaf. My ears are still not quite right even now.

We are going away for a few days. It looks like a couple of them will be spent fighting off this cold. Nice.

How about it, Science? Forget feeding the world, forget climate change, forget creating thorium nuclear energy—oh, wait, sorry. You’d already forgotten that one. How about throwing some resources at finding a cure for the common cold?

I’m joking, of course. The common cold virus mutates so quickly it will probably be impossible to find a vaccine for it. Shame.

Penny-puss update

Penny, woken from a snooze on the bed over the weekend.

Penny, woken from a snooze on the bed over the weekend.

Back in October last year, I related the story of our cats, and in particular our poorly puss, Penny. It’s time for an update.

The bad news first. Poor old Pingle is never going to be totally well again. She’s now all but blind—though that doesn’t seem to bother her unduly. Her tummy problem may never clear up completely, and we have to accept she’s not going to be with us for ever.

The good news, though, is the restricted diet, with medical assistance, has cleared up the poop and puke issues we were having. A boring diet of minced-up grilled chicken breast, with the odd sneaked mouthful of normal cat food (which we let her sneak, because it helps prevent her getting constipated) has worked wonders. No more surprises in awkward places, Penny now manages to perform her duties in her tray in plenty of time, and we’ve begun to award scores between 0 and 10 for the results! (0 being a mess, 10 being a perfect poop. I know, we’re a bit sad like that.)

The vet was very pleased with her progress. The medical treatment had been vitamin, antibiotic and steroid injections, sufficient for nearly a month at a time and a convenient way to avoid the vagaries of giving pills orally. After two treatments, Penny was eating well, and her tummy had calmed down. After our last consultation we agreed to leave the treatment out for a spell to see how things behaved.

So far, we’ve been scoring 3s and 5s, so we may need the treatment again in a couple of weeks. All in all, though, we’re generally pleased that Penny is as comfortable as we can make her. When the weather gets better, we’ll let her wander down the garden for a bit. Considering we didn’t expect Pingle to see Christmas through, we’re pretty happy with the way things are turning out.

Link to previous story.

Finally, apologies for the lack of posts of late. I’ve been a bit out of sorts with the internet in general, and I’ve also had a modelling project to keep me occupied away from the screen.

Hanging around


2012 hasn’t started off terribly well at Snaptophobic Towers. I got a cold just before Christmas last year, which I shrugged off pretty quickly. The new year started with an upset stomach—not related to any excess on New Year’s Eve, I might add—and I have been knocked sideways by another heavy cold barely into the third week of the year. I hate being ill. 

Perhaps it’s a combination of these things, and the dull weather at the moment which is neither one thing or another, but I feel out of sorts. I feel in a kind of limbo. Hanging around.

As you know, I have been looking for full time work. Vacancies have been pretty thin on the ground in my area for a while, and I had more or less given up any prospect of firing my CV off into the void for the foreseeable future. This morning, though, two likely vacancies arrived in my email. I took a look, but decided it simply wasn’t worth my while even applying for them. 

What? Have I gone completely mad?

Well, no. Not really. I just had a dose of reality. Both were jobs for which I have the skill sets. Both were well-paid. Both were in a part of the county fairly difficult to get to from where I live. 

I have a mental block about travelling to that part of Kent known as Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. It is a lovely part of the county, but it is more than an hour’s drive from here, on single-carriageway A roads for the most part. I’m frankly getting too old for trekking across country to work eight or more hours, then trekking back again. 

What is the point in me even applying for such jobs? The descriptions were worded in such a way that it was clear they didn’t really want anyone of maturer years applying. They wanted younger, fresher people, or so it seemed to me. Why waste my bandwidth in applying when I won’t even get past the delete key of the agency’s in-box?

My confidence has taken a real knock in the past year or so, and I just can’t see the point in applying for jobs only to never hear from them again. It has happened so often now there seems no point in trying to carry on looking for jobs in my line of work. I have been here before, and I am unable to find work in any other sphere. Stuck in limbo. Again.

I am having no success in finding work in the model photography. I’m going to keep battering at that door until one of us gives. There are hints of some freelance design work, but currently it’s all ifs and maybes. They don’t pay the bills, but who knows? It may turn out differently in a while. 

Until I get over this funk, sort out the health problems and get a decent idea of what direction the rest of my life needs to take, I guess I’ll just have to contine hanging around.

Almost back to normal


A short time ago I blogged about my back and neck problems. I didn’t mention that along with the skeletal and muscular woes I was also diagnosed with early onset osteoporosis a few years ago.

It was the osteopath that suggested I get a bone density scan organised, just to check that things were okay before they began any serious cracking of joints and stuff. That was about five years ago, and I was diagnosed as losing bone density pretty quickly. I was put under a specialist, and prescribed treatment of plenty of calcium in my diet (I like milk, so that’s good) and drugs. I have a scan done once a year, and I meet with the specialist shortly after.

This year, the scan showed definite signs of improvement over the previous year. Today, I met with the specialist, and he pronounced himself very pleased with the results. It seems my spine is now pretty much normal again, and the hips, while not fully back to normal are definitely on the up.

So, it’s all good news. I’m to stay on the drugs for a few more years, try to exercise more, lose a bit of weight (like I haven’t been trying), and things should be good.

It definitely makes me feel happier. For a period in the early days, I felt quite fragile, and took extra care to avoid trips and so on. Earlier this year, I did manage to take quite a tumble and severely sprained my wrist, but nothing actually broke. I’ll still be careful when I’m out and about, as is only sensible. 

Of course, life could always be better. Then again, I don’t actually want for much. Health and happiness have a lot going for them, I’d say.