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Wingham Wildlife Park

PeacockAsian OtterAsian OtterAsian OtterAsian OtterMeerkats
MeerkatsChilean FlamingoesTerrapinsKookaburraRed PandaPeacock
TigerTigerJaguarLionPumaBirds, unidentified
Birds, unidentifiedBirds, unidentifiedCapybaraPelicansPelicansMallard

Wingham Wildlife Park, a set on Flickr.

Our Invicta Shutterbugs May photowalk was to the Wingham Wildlife Park, near Canterbury, Kent. While only three of us turned up, we enjoyed it no end. It took me a while to get my photo mojo going, I have to admit. A detour on the way home gave me some spiffing ideas for walks next year, too.

Invicta Shutterbugs April Photowalk

Hemp and Steel

Had a brilliant photowalk down on Romney Marsh and Dungeness today. The weather was sunny, but the wind was cold. Eight of us turned out, including a couple who travelled down from Northampton—yes, Northampton—after seeing the walk plugged on Google+. Don’t ever let anyone tell you Google+ is not worth bothering with. If you’re a photographer, it’s the place to be.

Invicta Shutterbugs Rochester Photowalk

Rochester CathedralLamp and WindowBell PullGlobeOrangesApples
AlleyWindowLoose ScrewOld GlassRepairGateway
Light and ShadeAnglesRochester CastleRochester CathedralLichenSilver Birch
High FliersSacred to the memory of...Here lies...BrokenIvyUrn

Rochester Photowalk, a set on Flickr.

After the disappointment of having to cancel the January walk due to the wrong type of snow, I was very pleased to wake to a clear sky for the February walk.

Nine of us turned up in Rochester, and wandered about pointing cameras at various things, chatting about photography, gardening, life, the universe and everything. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and the photos on my Flickr Photostream are those I deem my best.

Hopefully, we’ll be setting up an Invicta Shutterbugs group on Flickr, as well as the knot of us over on Google+. I can’t begin to express how happy I am that this photowalking group is actually looking like it may take off and fly.