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Lighten the mood

I’ve been posting a bit too much political and depressing stuff recently. I guess it is time to redress the balance a little.

As I have reported a while back, I’ve been working on building three BR Mark 1 coaches for a friend. Things have progressed enough now that I am about to set the airbrush on them. To do that I need to set up a proper booth in our upstairs workshop, and while I am waiting on bits and pieces to do that (plastic sheet, gaffer tape, some spare paint jars and so on) I have been adding final touches to the models.

I call the final bits and bobs the “fiddly-diddly” stuff: handrail brackets, communication cord gear, footstep brackets and the like.


I tend to leave the “fiddly-diddly” for when I am in the mood for it. Building three coaches means three sets of everything, and that can get rather tedious, as you can imagine. I don’t mind doing it, provided I can be distracted by music or podcasts, but it does make me wonder why these parts aren’t already in the kits.

Still, the effort is worth it, I think.


Three sets of coach ends, ready for painting. So, three roofs, three sets of underframes complete (though I have just noticed something wrong with two of them I ought to fix), three sets of interiors done, and two sets of bogies done. All I need to do now is paint the sides and ends, fit the glazing, handrails and door handles, assemble the parts, make sure they couple together nicely and deliver them to the client.

The deadline is 10 March, which is the next meeting of the model railway club and which makes a convenient excuse to deliver the finished models. Plenty of time to get things done, then.