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Well, that was a long time

Sorry. It’s all I can say, really. Sorry. Sorry it’s been over a year since the last entry. Sorry I fell out of love with my blog. Sorry.

With the grovelling apologies out of the way, why am I even bothering to post anything?

The original idea for the blog was about my adventures in photography, particularly taking pictures of scale model things. That’s all sort of fallen by the wayside. I began to ramble on about other things I found interesting, then I began ranting about the state of the world. It made me feel better, for a bit. Eventually, though, I decided to scrap all the angry stuff.

The WordPress installation is still cranky, but mostly works without me poking it too much. The issues I encountered revolved around one of the plug-ins I used. The site would break completely when the plug-in was active, so it had to be deactivated—which meant posts here weren’t automatically propagated to my social media, and readers dropped off. I disabled comments because all the spam filters caught was endless p0rn. It was all a bit dispiriting.

So, with no real direction to my ramblings or interests, plus personal medical and mental issues, Snaptophobic got shunted into a siding and stayed there.

By the way, remember our Billy-puss? He’s just celebrated his 10th birthday and his sixth year of living here. He says “Hi!”.

2022 is the first year I’ve really felt able to work at full capacity on the modelmaking. Several commission builds that had been limping along for too many years have been completed and cleared off the bench to their proper owners. New models have taken over. I’ve also continued my obsession interest with things aeronautical and 1940. In fact, let’s think about that for a while.

I can’t really convert this blog entirely to my 1940 interest. The domain name is all wrong, for a start. I’ve given it a menu heading, which helps, but reviewing the content I find it is all a bit, well, random. There is no structure. What to do?

My main idea is to create a whole old school static web site which will concentrate on the aircraft modelling and my 1940 interests. I thought that perhaps I could post model building stuff here, but I really don’t think it is appropriate.

Snaptophobic, then, really needs to be reborn to talk about photography, interests in history, and a bit about my professional modelmaking. The 1940 stuff can go somewhere else. To that end, I’ll start to clean up past posts, and have a bit of a rearrangement of things generally. I might even experiment with different themes (creating my own theme is still utterly beyond my ken, sadly).

Anyway, as nobody will be reading this, save me in a couple of years when I remember I have a blog, I don’t know why I’m even writing this!

I know, I know…

I am sorry. There, I said it. I’m sorry I don’t have time to make copious posts here like I used to. Obviously, when I worked at a computer nearly all day it was easier to open a tab and pour forth. Now I am making models for a living I don’t have nearly as much computer time as I used to.

There’s also an awful lot I could be writing about. The political scene, the NHS, the world’s inexorable spin into death and destruction… There’s too much to be annoyed about, too much to offer my opinion about, and what good would it do anyway? Just another scream into the void.

It’s easy to be negative, and I try not to be as often as I can. Sometimes, though, looking around at the state of the world, one can’t help but wonder how we have let things get quite so bad.

I have had an idea for a couple of ranty historical posts about the recent rebirth of the Flying Scotsman, and celebrating an 80th anniversary of the Spitfire’s first flight but ignoring the Hurricane’s 80th last year. I may still work something up, but I’m only typing now because today is a fallow day for domestic and medical stuff to be done. Normally I’d be ankle-deep in metal filings by now!

So, I apologise for being quiet. I’ll try to make amends soon. Possibly.