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Herne Bay, Kent | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


Feeling a need to venture further afield — in order to escape the tedium of a bank holiday weekend for one thing, and because sometimes I just need space to think — I set out for the North Kent Coast. Herne Bay was due to be photographed.

It was foggy to when I left home, but as I got closer to the coast the sky cleared and the sun shone. It turned into a lovely late spring morning.

A shame, then, that Herne Bay was so dull. Seriously. There was nothing to see. A shingle beach, the usual seafront shops and cafés, pay-and-display parking, and a flat blue sea. Even the gulls were just sitting there, waiting for something to happen.

I don’t wish to denigrate the town. Herne Bay has a certain amount of history to it, and it’s surely a pity the pier isn’t in its original form — though there are plans to try and rebuild the structure. I don’t think my problem was Herne Bay itself, more that fact that the weather was just so, well, nice.

I had been hoping for a little drama with the meteorology, but the sun shone resolutely the whole time I was there. That’s great for those venturing to the seaside for sun worship and the beach, but it makes for boring photography from my point of view.

I left Herne Bay, feeling a little downcast it has to be said. I will return, though. In the off season, when the autumn and winter weather will make the seafront a more dramatic place to be. In the meantime, I wish Herne Bay a warm, sunny, crowded and prosperous summer.

I see faces (Not a Portrait Group)


This is fun. Apart from the humour in seeing faces in mundane objects, it’s a great way to train your photographic eye to see as well as look.

It’s all down to a basic human instinct to recognise patterns, wherever they appear. There’s even a word for it—pareidolia. Your humble scribe has joined the group, and has posted a few images to the pool. She will also continue to enjoy seeing faces, not portraits, in the world around her.

At the close of the day


I got some funny looks from the neighbours as I was hopping about taking a series of shots of what, to them at least, looked like an overcast sky.

Perhaps I’m finally beginning to “see” things properly. Over the past couple of days, I’ve spotted photographic opportunities which I would have missed before.

The passing airliner was a bonus. And, yes, I admit to a bit of post-processing to make the whole thing a bit more dramatic than it actually was.