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Losing the knack

I used to love drawing when I was a kid. I’d always be scribbling on the back of envelopes, spare pages in exercise books, scrap paper, you name it. I even got into trouble for doodling in a library book when I was very small. I ended up getting an A grade in O Level Art.

Over the years, though, I’ve lost the habit of drawing. I keep trying to reignite the flame. I bought a lovely spiral-bound sketch book, a whole bunch of pencils (I’ve got the lot in my pencil case, 3H, 2H, HB, B, even a 6B!), and some classy indian ink felt pens. I keep meaning to sit down and sketch, even try and draw from life like I used to.

My problem is I want it to be great. When it turns out not so great, I get fed up and annoyed. I know I can still do it, but I think my patience level has reduced over the years. Hang on, though, that can’t be right. I happily spend hours fettling away at the workbench to make scale models, so I must still have patience.

Perhaps I need to work harder at that spark and see if I can’t get it to flower into flame again. I need to spend more time sketching, doodling, making little drawings of things. Perhaps I should set aside a given time every week just to learn to draw things again. Less time sitting in front of the computer would be a Good Thing anyway!