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In the workshop


Thanks to the nice fellows at Malling Repair Services in Maidstone – disclosure: we’ve have our cars serviced there for many years – I was given free rein with my camera around their workshop. If you live in the Medway Towns or Maidstone areas, you could do worse than give them a call if your motor needs attention: 01622 663960. Tell them I sent you.

It was an interesting exercise for a couple of reasons. First, it forced me to make pictures in fairly restricted circumstances. Second, it was quite dark, and I had to push the camera with high ISO and exposure compensation to get usable shutter speeds (you will, of course, recall my aversion to flash photography). Consequently, I had to spend some time in post-processing in order to get things looking right again, and overcome the extra noise. Newer cameras would have coped with this much better than my poor old 400D, but that’s another story.

I restricted myself to using an ƒ/2 35mm prime lens (equivalent to 50mm on the APS-C body), partly for the brightness, partly to stop myself getting lazy with framing.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way the shots came out. I’ve put my favourites in my Flickr Photostream, and a lot more have found a home over at Britstock Photo.