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I have been quiet. My last post was around five days ago. Yes, I am still alive.

The thing is, sometimes I am simply not in a bloggage mood. There are times when real life tends to intervene, and I find myself far enough away from my computer and the internet that I can ignore it for a good deal of the time.

Mood also plays a part. There are times when my internal struggles kick in, and I have to take time out to deal with them. I had a bout of what Churchill called his “black dog” a while ago, and he’s still lurking in the shadows. It probably won’t take much to entice him out to attack me again.

I could go on. I think it is the turning of the year that brings this stuff on. The fact that I am seemingly unable to find gainful employment, either in a full-time capacity or as a freelancer, is also weighing on my mind.

Without income, I cannot feed my hobbies. The project to create a scale model of Wolverton Station has foundered, I am unable to afford the lenses I want to complete my collection, and I find I am yearning for a medium format film camera. Replacing my car, completing some DIY projects around the house, and several other things that all require some financial input at some level are currently on hold.

I won’t go on. There’s little point. Something will happen, hopefully positively. Until then, I must uphold the family motto: In Quod Ut Pars—Onwards and Sideways.