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New Toy


Peering at the back of a camera while it’s pointed at something out of your line of sight is no fun. Making critical focus and exposure adjustments is not easy to do, either. Sharing any resulting video footage or still images beyond a couple of people peering over your shoulder is, well, awkward at best.

That’s why I have acquired a neat little 7in widescreen HD compatible video monitor. It attaches to my EOS 7D by an HDMI cable, and lets me see the LiveView screen without getting a crick in my neck. 

Of course, adjustments still have to be made on the camera, but it’s a lot simpler when you have a larger, clearer screen to look at.

This model supports all manner of pro level features, such as component video as well as HDMI. What attracted my attention was the use of battery adaptors that will let me use the Sony camcorder batteries we have about the place. That means I don’t have to rely on mains power or lugging the laptop on location if I don’t want to.

I am very pleased with it. Best Beloved bought it for my birthday—which isn’t until later in the year, but we do silly things like that sometimes!

Expect more fun short films to appear from my fertile brain over the coming months!

Moving pictures!

I’ve been keen to try out the HD video features of my EOS 7D on a model railway for a while. Yesterday I had the opportunity on a visit to the S7 South East England Area Group’s new venue. For the first time outside an exhibition, the group is able to erect their massive layout Croscombe, and while it is far from complete it makes an impressive sight.

This video was mainly a way to prove to myself the camera can actually do what I want it to do. I think it managed quite well. With some more thought and a better plan, the next session might well produce a better film!