I know, I know. My excuse is I lost interest. There’s been a lot going on, and time just slips by. Suddenly, you look up and realise a whole year has gone by and you’re still no further up the slippery pole, and may even have slipped down a bit.

I’m still no closer to my new camera, nor am I closer to a new lens I’ve had my eye on for ages. Likewise for potential computer hardware purchases. The day job has been a rollercoaster, and while I’m hanging in there for grim death I think it may not be long before I throw in the towel (or should that be shroud?).

In other news, I published my first photo book. Apple Aperture has a book publishing feature, so I created a single slim volume of model images as a test, with a view to further copies in due course to send out to various editors and publishers as a portfolio in an attempt to get some freelance work from them. The book quality was superb, absolutely ideal for the job. I am going to rearrange some of the pages, and swap some of the images for the final issue, but lack of finances have held me back getting the new copies. I doubt it’ll be much before the new year, now.

Yet more time wasted in procrastination and navel gazing. Seems to be the story of my life right now.

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