Work in progress

The modelling career got a bit of a boost last weekend. I visited a model railway exhibition and trade show, mainly to deliver a coach I had built for Just Like The Real Thing‘s exhibition stand, but also to gather a few necessaries for the current build on my workbench.

Chatting with friends and traders, it was an interesting day. What cheered me most was friends who were very encouraging about my new venture. I also had an encouraging chat with Laurie of JLTRT, which led me to think things are looking up.

D94 details 4

Here’s a detail shot of one of the current commissioned models, upside down and being worked on. I have three coaches like this to build, so I always like to build one almost to completion so I can work out the wrinkles and understand how the kit is designed. The remaining two coaches will be built as a pair, and once all three reach the same stage they get the painting and glazing done.

D94 details 2

I’m really enjoying this build, and I hope the client will be very happy with the finished models.

Don’t forget to check out my web site—— for information about my modelling services. I’ve just updated it with some new showcase images.