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The recurring newspaper of Tinseltown


Who’d have thought art departments couldn’t be bothered to cook up fake newspapers for their shows? It seems art directors fall back on using the same prop newspaper time and again, and it appears to have become a sort of in-joke in the US TV and movie world.

Wonderful. I liked the comment made about web sites. The BBC, in particular, has spent a good deal of time making backup “fake” web sites for some of their sci-fi and drama productions. It makes you wonder why Tinseltown can’t muster the same level of skills.

It’s all about craft


It’s all about the craft. I’ve been coming to that conclusion over the past couple of years.

High tech, computers and whizzy gadgets are all well and good. I wouldn’t be in business without them, if I am honest. But there’s something much more satisfying about design and art when it’s hand-finished.

I love the crafted feel of letterpress printing. A hand-finished book binding is a joy to behold. Hand-painting signwriting is undervalued. Even the dirtier stuff, like blacksmithing and, yes, even restoring cars and lorries, have aspects of the love, attention to detail and the craftsmanship involved. Skills and techniques handed down from generation to generation, sometimes through an apprenticeship, honed and practised to perfection.

I need to look at ways to incorporate more craft in my work, and to engender the appreciation of such things in clients. One day, such hand-crafted skills may return to the ascendant, because we never know when something will knock our modern society into a cocked hat.